The residential real estate market usually cools off as fall starts turning into winter. Many people don’t have time to search for homes during the fall, so they don’t spend too much time looking until summer. People feel hesitant to move during winter because the winter holidays take up a lot of their time.
These obstacles don’t mean you cannot sell real estate during winter. However, we can do a few things to make sure you make your property as attractive as possible. You can start by following these winter home staging tips that will make your property seem cozy and beautiful. You might want to adjust these slightly to fit the current weather. Your Realtor can make suggestions that will help your home sell quickly.

Maintain a Cozy Temperature for Guests

The easiest home staging tip for winter doesn’t involve any work at all. You just need to set your thermostat to a temperature that most people will find comfortable. You don’t want your home to feel too cold or too hot. Somewhere around 70 degrees Fahrenheit will appeal to most guests who might buy your home.

Place Mats at Entrances for Wet Shoes

If the ground is wet, people will track mud, water, or snow into your home. Make it easy for them to wipe their feet by placing a mat at every entrance.
This simple staging tip will prevent unsightly messes and show visitors that you take good care of your floor.

Add Lighting to Make Every Room Look More Inviting

The winter season means shorter days and longer periods of darkness. The change in daylight is actually a serious problem for some people.
Make your home cozy and inviting to everyone by adding more light to rooms. If you have empty space on a table, place a lamp there. Every darkened corner deserves a floor lamp.
Ideally, you should avoid bright white lights. They can highlight small imperfections in your walls, floors, and ceilings. Instead, opt for bulbs that create a soft glow. A few carefully placed candles could also make your rooms look cozy and comfortable.

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